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A story of love

Meet Guus and Rosie


Meet little Guus and Rosie, both Belgian, one born in Zurich and the other born in Florida.


Already at the age of two, they were introduced to fun kids yoga poses in daycare. As of Kindergarten, Rosie spends time on the mat with her class friends every day to recharge before their afternoon activities. The kids love to pose as little fish or to fly like a butterfly, and clear their busy growing minds at the same time.




The birth of GuuzMind.


When their hard working parents, for whom meditation became a mental superpower, could not find the right yoga mats for both a little boy and a girl, they followed their lifelong dream and cofounded GuuzMind. A lifestyle brand meant to make a real difference in people’s lives. Everything about the brand, its products, philosophy and its operations, is purpose driven. GuuzMind. offers products that enhance children’s mental and physical wellbeing, shapes the next generation, uses naturally sourced materials, are germ-proof and are especially tailored to little yogis.

Wherever Guus and Rosie go in the world, on whichever surface they are and with whomever they are spending their busy days with, they always have their own safe place with them to find a familiar and comforting moment of stillness and to recharge.


They are so excited to share these beautiful mats with all of you, and their mom made sure to create some matching adult mats for that treasured mommy-and-me time or your welldeserved just-me time as well. Namaste.

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